Watmore to Millwall ?

He's been a great signing, but if carrick believes the player we're bringing in is a better option then that's more than good enough for me.

I get that it could be seen as strengthening a rival, but it's the overall net result that's important and whilst Millwall may be stronger, the same applies to us.

Plus Millwall have to play other teams around us and of the play-off contenders I'd say they were outsiders.

Altogether smart business I think.
I think it's a massive shame if Watmore leaves and to a promotion rival too. For those who imagine Millwall are not a promotion rival they should check out the Table. Millwall are 3 points behind us with two games in hand. Win them and we're the one's 3 points behind. Duncan has been a great and model servant but we are unlikely to offer him a lengthy contract. But if we have allegedly replaced is that person Cameron Archer? I trust it's not someone we already have, ie: Muniz and/or Hoppe.
If we have lined up another incoming and its competition for Mcgree on a permanent then I think we have had a very impressive window. Johns is very consistent in the gazette stating ot isn’t Ogbene. Gives us some excitement for tomorrow
I'd say he's a better option than Hoppe or Muniz at this current time. So definitely must have someone coming in.

I'd argue we probably have someone almost signed if we are letting him leave.
If it’s true that Watmore’s move to Millwall has been ongoing for the past 10 days, it’s surprising there was no suggestion from him after Watford that it might be his last game for us, no waves or anything you would normally see from a player who knows he’s leaving.
I think Watmore is a good player, but his decision making isn't the best, that'll alway makehim a bit hot and cold as a player.

Top professional though and will go with the best wishes off all the fans and will always get a warm welcome when he visits.

Really excited at who will be coming in though. I guess playing 4-2-3-1 we really want a proper wide winger?
Absolutely can not stand in his way if he wants to go and get more minutes than we can offer him.

One of the very few modern players who has earned every penny he has being paid by us.

In fact I think he deserves a free so he can go and negotiate a bumper contract.
lif we can get a slight fee or remove his salary then we can get someone else in who is better for us now?
His salary won't be a consideration - he's on about 4k a week or something according to figures published on here the other day - dirt cheap for a player of his quality.
Disastrous move for me and, as others have said, the fact it's to a direct rival makes it even worse.
Gykores according to Newy's magic tingling balls.....................

Ogbene has got to be an option you'd think?
The Team.. top scorer, top assists..

The Summer.. £11m strikers linked..

The Chairman.. gifts of Rhodes and Downing.

The Manager.. wants the best

Keiron Scott.. wants to do something big, he could hardly contain himself in the presser, Chris Wilder left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths.

Isaiah Jones has been out of the squad since the Crystal Palace rumours

18 games in the premier league fighting for survival under Sean Dyche?

18 games chasing promotion under Michael Carrick?

Alex Ferguson should give him a ring and let him know what he score is.

The money is there, the motivation is there, we’ve been after him, Coventry need to sell..
‘Left sided attacker’ sounded strange.. I know Carrick doesn’t believe in formations and all that. Forss looks class on the right, Akpom sitting deep with Gyökeres on the left.

C’mon man.. that would be ridiculous in the championship!! That is an absolute handful!