Watmore to Millwall ?

He's been a fantastic signing. He was an absolute breath or fresh air under warnock and Wilder.

Especially when you consider the sheer amount of multi millions we've sp*nked on forwards who have the heart the size of a pea.

That said he's been getting less and less gametime under Carrick. So maybe not as fancied.

I imagine the main driving force is he's out of contract in the summer. He has had a rough few years and deserves the security of a longer deal for himself and his family. So can't knock him. I think it's a great move for him. I imagine they will love his style.
97 appearance and 21 goals (7 assists). That's a pretty decent return.

It kind of leaves us a bit short both mid and more so longterm. I mean Muniz and Archer ain't ours. I'd say Hoppe isnt good enough.

So I can only assume we have a forward coming in? Potentially both Watmore and Muniz leaving tomorrow.

I wonder if we will make a move for Chiedozie Ogbene? A wide forward out of contract in the summer. Poor Rotherham if we do 😂
Very sad news but as has been said, hard to stand in the way of first team football for him. He certainly doesn’t owe boro anything.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t sign a direct replacement. Archer, Hoppe, Crooks and Forss all going for one position really. More likely we might get a wide forward in.
He's been a great signing for us, and a great player to bring on from the bench, however his contract runs out in the summer, and he's not been offered an extension, so it makes sense for both the club and the player to move on.
I wish him well and say thanks to Ducan for always giving 100%.
I'm torn really. I'll be sad to see him leave but in a way it makes sense to sell now and get a fee, rather than allowing him to leave for nothing in the summer.

We will have Coburn back next season so potentially our striker options are going to be Forss, Coburn, Hoppe, Archer (if he signs) and Crooks. We'd probably need to spend a bit of money on a striker as well if we did go up.
Good luck to him if he goes.

Full of effort and no little skill: he has been a model professional.

Do you see him being given a new contract if he stays? I'm not sure I do. I'll be sorry to see him go, but I can see some sense too.